Game description

Have you ever wanted to play a strategy game without having to worry about your actions per minute? Bot Land should be right up your alley! Write scripts either visually or in code, and your bots will follow exactly what you tell them to do.

There are two main ways of playing: defending and attacking. As a defender, you create bots to protect your CPU. You can also place chips to provide powerful benefits to your bots, but be careful—chips can be destroyed by enemies! By setting up a defense, you become a target for other players at all times, even if you're offline. Any time you're attacked, you'll get a replay in your battle log that you can use to refine your strategies.

As an attacker, your goal is to topple other players' defenses. You have fewer bots than the defender, but you have one key advantage: the ability to react to what the defender has placed. Use this to exploit weaknesses in the defender's placement or loadouts.

All players have both a defense and an attack rating that's used in matchmaking. By winning, you'll face stronger and stronger players, some of whom will have unique strategies that you've never seen before. You'll also earn Botcoin as you play. Use it to buy new weapons, cosmetic items, and chips.

This campaign

You may be wondering: "I've never heard of 'Crowdfund Land', and I don't even know what a Botcoin is. How do I know this is legitimate?"

Well, Botcoin (฿) is the in-game currency that you can earn in Bot Land, and you can know the game is legitimate simply by playing it!

For an actual explanation: this entire campaign is tongue-in-cheek. By backing the project, you're not actually spending anything (not even Botcoin), nor do I collect any information about you other than your IP address (and that's only to prevent duplicate "donations"; I have no way of knowing anything else about you). To be clear: that means you neither have to spend real nor in-game money to back the campaign; this whole site is just a glorified progress bar. As I mention in this video, I don't really need money at this point to complete the game. However, I do need more eyes on the game! I was hoping we could just crowdfund that part. 😜

The story behind the game

Bot Land has been in development since 2015 by a small team. It was funded out of pocket and has always been a work of passion. The game was coded almost entirely while streaming on Twitch (there are ~4500 hours of VODs here if that's your thing).

Other details

  • The game is free to play with optional in-game purchases offered; players will be able to buy salvage packs consisting only of cosmetic items. One core tenet of monetization was avoiding a pay-to-win model. Functional items are balanced in such a way that they may be situationally more powerful than other items, but you'll never find an item like Strong Lasers that is strictly better than Lasers.
  • I'm hoping to avoid having ads in the game for as long as possible. This all depends on whether selling salvage packs is enough to shoulder the development costs.
  • Development will continue after launch at least throughout 2019. After that, I'd love to continue it if it's making some money.

  • Currently, all efforts are aimed at launching the game (see the roadmap here). After that, here's a sneak preview of some features planned for the future:
    • More content: functional items, cosmetic items, chips, and tilesets
    • New game modes
    • More social features: profile pages, taunts, messages, and sharing replays

    Thanks for reading all of this, and I hope you enjoyed this "crowdfunding" campaign. See you in Bot Land! 👋


    Bot Land is going to revolutionize the gaming industry, mark my words. - Mark Wahlbot

    I love Bot Land and play it all the time on my phone. - Fred Salvage

    Google Translate lieferte diesen Text über Bot Land. - Franz Schubot

    I don't get it, Adam... why wouldn't you just spend your time marketing the game instead of this thing? - Many people 😢

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